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12 steps to get rid of Postpartum trilation 2018

An integrated and healthy diet with a combination of exercise, are the two most important elements to get rid of excess weight after birth and accompanying laxatives, especially in the abdominal area.

12 steps to get rid of Postpartum trilation 2018

12 steps to get rid of Postpartum trilation 2018

In this article we will talk more about the first element, which is some of the methods you can apply to your daily diet, which will help you get rid of abdominal tummy after birth.

1. Make a plan for the day:

Before you feel the horror of your shape in front of the mirror, remember that you are beautiful and that you are a wonderful mother doing a sacred job, so do not be angry because of your problem. This method will not help you.

The only way to change is to follow a healthy pattern in your life. Start by writing down everything you eat during your day on paper, so it is easy to remove harmful substances and nutrients from your food easily, then you can replace them with other healthy ingredients and start arranging your day plan.

2. Focus on protein:

Eat a portion of protein with each meal during the day. This habit helps stabilize blood sugar levels and give the body a feeling of satiety for long periods of good protein sources: nuts, eggs, low-fat dairy products, chicken, fish and lean meats.

3. List of prohibitions:

A list of health items is also available to prepare a list of ingredients. Top of this list are fully processed foods, foods containing sodium, as well as soft drinks and sugars.

4. Attention to vegetables:

Eat vegetables regularly and varied throughout the day usually not very much in our communities that focus on baked goods and fast food, as a role model for your children from the moment and use vegetables in all your meals throughout the day, and instead of eating chips and baked between meals you can eat carrot or cucumber or lettuce Etc. of delicious vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins.

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5. Breakfast is indispensable:

Do not eat an early morning meal. The body is in a state of extreme hunger and makes you eat a large portion of the food. Breakfast is the most important meal throughout the day, eat good ingredients and try to get away from carbohydrates in the morning with a focus on protein.

6. Reduce quantities:

The day passes on the mother and does not feel the time, between work and home tasks and child care. The husband forgets to eat and enter in a state of hunger that does not differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy meal, so use a table or application on your mobile phone to remind you every three hours with a snack, On simple carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, and concentrated on vegetables, fruit and protein, small amounts throughout the day are much better than eating one large amount in one meal.

7. No more “diet foods”:

Most of the foods and drinks sold in the shops under the name Diet Foods are actually not, soft drinks Diet, Cereals, Diet, Bread Diet etc of the products, completely devoid of them, they are rich in sugar and harmful substances as opposed to what companies buy.
8. Refrain from calorie counting:

Calculation of the calories your body needs at the beginning of the diet is important, but it becomes negative when it turns to a goal in order to achieve the figure, many cases it has a number of calories a day but its body is full and does not need to eat more food, but in its own mind The sense of phantom hunger begins when there are extra calories to eat, so your body should be the first indicator of satiety and then the number of calories will not matter.
9. Concentrate on calcium sources:

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Studies indicate that low calcium in the body leads to the secretion of a hormone makes it difficult to get rid of excess fat and adhere to, choose the rich and healthy sources of calcium such as: low-fat dairy products, oats and fish Kalmslmon.
10. Meals:

Limit your intake of high-fiber foods, protein, low-fat, popcorn, fruit, vegetables, fruit and yogurt.
11. Do not wait for the balance:

Weight is not the only evidence that you have a healthy body, follow the nutritional guidelines and eat healthy foods and do not control yourself through the balance, the change you will see in the size of your abdomen and other parts of the body will shock you after a period of the start of the proper diet and exercise.

12. Sports for Fun:

People who do not like sports are having a lot of trouble, especially after having a small child at home. The solution is to try to make the time of the sport fun for your toddler. For fun, humor and fun, your child can substitute for the weights you carry while playing sports and can play and enjoy music. Sports, do not make the existence of a burden, but take it as a catalyst for you.

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