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5 Experiences of women succeeded in losing weight 2018

Getting rid of excess weight is very difficult, but harder to maintain the new weight and not to return again to gain weight, which is often due to some errors in our diet to lose weight, and we will tell you here the summary of the experience of five women get rid of Of extra weight altogether.

5 Experiences of women succeeded in losing weight 2018

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5 Experiments for Women Successful in Loss of Weight:

1. I have not followed a diet:

When I began to lose weight, I did not like eating a diet or implementing daily meal plans. It seemed like following the same manic food but just the opposite. I only changed my diet, when I did not drink soft drinks, and when I was hungry I ate an apple.

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2. Focus on weight bearing:

I lost 90 kilos and was able to keep it away from my body using strength exercises and weight bearing. The muscles that made me burn more calories throughout the day. I now work from four to six days a week and focus on weight loads in my various muscle groups.

3. Closest trip:

I lost 40 kg of extra weight, and I did not get it again, because I always come back to my picture during my difficult weight loss journey, and I remember my shape before losing weight.

4. Eat five or six meals a day:

I lost about 25 kilograms, and I was able to maintain my energy for a year because of my habit of eating every three hours, about five meals a day.

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Eating frequently keeps my blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day, and I do not crave food abnormally.

5. I always put small goals in each step:

My goal started when I weighed 100 kg. My first goal was to weigh 80 kg. So I kept putting myself back on target. By the time I reached my current goal, I always set a little goal that I could achieve rather than a frustrating goal.

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