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5 mistakes you make when cooking potatoes

Can you skip cooking a potato meal? We all think that the easiest meal we can cook in the world is potatoes of all kinds, from French fries, mashed potatoes, casserole, cooked, stuffed, and so on.

But to be surprised there are 5 mistakes you can inadvertently make when cooking potatoes, do not get a wonderful dish as tasty as you wish, you know how to avoid those mistakes.

5 mistakes you make when cooking potatoes

5 mistakes you make when cooking potatoes

Errors to avoid in the coming times to cook potatoes:

Do not put the mashed potatoes in the food after they reach the appropriate level of the sauce to mix quickly. This makes the potatoes too soft and does not give them the delicious textures in the restaurants. Instead, use the fork and chew it slowly, Delicious spices.

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Wash it thoroughly If you want to cook the baked potatoes in the oven without peeling, wash them thoroughly before baking for at least 15 minutes and thoroughly dry them gently without cooking them until they are fully cooked without burning the outer crust without matureing the internal potato heart.

Do not move the fattened potatoes placed in the water directly to the hot oil, it is best to soak potatoes in cold water for at least 30 minutes with a little salt and vinegar and cumin, and then dried well on a paper towel and put in the oil is very abundant, so avoid the burning of potatoes or not Properly settled.

This is a mistake that does not make it ripen well, and you can also cut it very thick slices with the use of cooking cream or purée of light tomatoes, preferably a thick cream for cooking.

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Do not move Chipsi potatoes a lot in the oil when cooked, which makes the potato chips break or not ripen properly crunchy.

Do not put the potatoes in the beginning of the cooking process so as not to mature too much when adding the potato cubes to the vegetable soup or any vegetables cooked Kalasla and Tajin vegetables, but put them near the maturity of the cook, especially if the eaters cook for a long time.

Also selecting the right potato for each meal is what makes it a delicious and delicious meal, such as using sweet red potatoes in the work of mashed potatoes and tannins and using harsh yellow potatoes in the work of French fries and delicious chips.

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