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5 ways will motivate you to lose weight 2018

When you think about losing weight, it seems difficult and exhausting. There is a lot of effort to choose a new diet, stick to it, resist temptations, and exercise. Losing weight often means changing our whole life system, so we often need stimulation strategies.

5 ways will motivate you to lose weight 2018

5 ways will motivate you to lose weight 2018

These are a group of methods that have proven successful in stimulating weight loss.
1. Improve your performance at work:

Studies have shown that those who follow a weight loss program improve their work performance and are able to work longer hours, as weight loss improves their health and helps them increase productivity.

If you find it difficult to concentrate and complain about your poor productivity, it may be time to change your diet and a more healthy system. When your health improves, and your stress is reduced, your performance will probably improve and your confidence will increase.

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2. Financial incentive:

A study was conducted on two groups committed to weight loss diets, and found that the group was stimulated by a physical reward when achieving weight loss goal. They lost twice as much weight as other members of the group.

You can apply this in your life by setting a reward or incentive when you lose a certain number of kilograms, buy new clothes, enter the cinema or whatever you prefer as a reward.
3. List of reasons why you want to lose weight:

Do you want to lose weight because of health problems? Do you want to wear your old clothes that are smaller than you? Do you want to lose weight before an important occasion, or a trip waiting for it?

Whatever your reasons, write them down and place them in a place you can easily see, either on the refrigerator door or as a note on your phone screen.
4. Support Circuits:

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Do not miss the trip alone Get a support group, both friends who want to lose weight with you, or groups interested in weight loss on social media. These groups help to share achievements and support in difficult times when the nostalgia of a Chinese woman attacks you for example.
5. Set realistic goals:

If you set unrealistically large goals, you will be frustrated and you may end up gaining weight.

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For example, make your goal a loss of half to one kilogram per week. In general, losing 5 percent of your weight is a realistic goal and is easy to achieve.
and what about you?
How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?

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