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best weight loss program in 3 months 2018

best weight loss program in 3 months 2018

Hi everyone Natalie Tanner family there with the work school and I have received a lot of emails and messages today regarding the three month program and what it entails a lot of you guys know that we have the ultimate body applicator which is the skinny rap that looks just like this the hopes to.
Type and tone and firm the skin of your body so this is really good for people that have already lost weight or after pregnancy and you have that loose skin you want to tighten tone firm for anything that tickles or you know Phyllida pooch that nobody likes are still I.
So but a lot of you guys means are not on a journey gets a lot of you guys are wanting to lose weight and we also have programs that will help you.
You know to lose weight it is a three month program that I have started to do with my clients and we have received the really really really good results.
It is something that was Swiss are you off.
Small with a similar products.
And then and that at the end of discomfort your reward you get too skinny rap.
So we don’t Sir you off right away with the wraps.
So this three month program goes excellent with the loyal customer program.
Because to become our customer only need to do is purchase at least one product for three consecutive months.
So when you do this three month program you can have enough products for all three months.
You know you’re gonna get every month you can get different products.
And then you will cut you will have your commitment completed.
And then after that you can use order as you go.
So what is this three month program what this three month program is for anybody that is looking for weight loss.
That is looking to tighten tone firm that is looking to detox and just feel better overall okay.
The first month you’re going to get.
You’re going to look at clients Europe if you’re going to clinch your body.
Exotica clans is Monica detox it’s not like one of those Clint says where you’re in the bottom twenty four seven it smile like that is Martha detox so it’s like a milder side and the reason why we went to a detox is because you want to get rid of all the junk that’s in your body that is making you feel sluggish cities help you know not letting you let go of the way so we have three products that we get you on.
The first product is greens.
The looks like this greens.
And this is a very important product you take two scoops of these.
To look up scoops.
Powder the add on to your orange juice your water or anything any other Jews that you want to drink.
You wanna take.
You know two scoops in the morning and two scoops in the afternoon.
You want to drink a lot of water with us also this products will help you to detox daily you has eight sermons of organic fruits and vegetables it will help you to keep your.
City to level down you makes your body more alkaline.
So that you’re not so bloated and just let go of anything that’s not good for your system he has a lot of probiotics in his soul keep irregular.
So that’s one of the products for the first month.
Now that the second product for the first month of your talents.
It’s gonna be regular.
Paid regular what is going to do is going to help you I do like it because I’m clients is gonna Clint’s Yukon is gonna allow you to become a regular so you know Goku every single day this product will help you to become regular so that you can get rid of all the waste.
You know every single day you take this product at night.
Before you go to bed and then you just you know you can drink a lot of water the most important thing you need to do for your bodies to drink lots of water.
That their product for the first month of the three month challenge it’s it’s vital.
And these are are are multivitamins.
It is very poor in that you get on this because this is nutrition for the body this is was going to allow your body to get it now for the nutrients so that whenever you eat bad stuff it doesn’t keep it because you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals from the foods that you eat.
So this is a very quarter products to stay on the first month.
So that’s the first month that’s going to allow you to get good nutrients in your body and let go of all the junk okay.
For the second month what we’re gonna do is.
I funeral clan stuff for the first month and you’re feeling great.
You’re gonna stay on the greens so for your second partnership for your second order you can I get on the greens.
Because again you want to detox your body daily eight servants of Fritz about schools going to keep your PH balance out time eyes got provide examined very very good stuff for your body.
It’s going to give you energy because of the prince of muscles.
Then the second part you gonna get on it’s the firefighter which is everybody’s favorite products.
But fighter it’s a council space supplement the gonna take.
Two tablets after your meals.
So you can take it after lunch or after dinner or anytime you need that.
So after a pizza after burger after fries anything the house carbs or fats because what this product does.
It it blocks eighty percent of the bad carbs and thirty percent the bad fats from your meals.
So it is this is a must have in your purse and I like it that you take it after because.
You know you don’t know how much you gonna eat so you take it after desist block bad cards about bad.
Now the third product that you can again on his called thermal fit.
This one right here is just looks like the fact finder but it’s a different bottle.
Star Muppet.
And with thoroughfare.
This is a calorie burning supplements.
And it’s a it’s a guy like a hot pepper extract so this all these products are all natural fruits and vegetables.
That’s awesome thing about this come.
But that they’re upset when it does he hopes to burn more calories for you that when you’re gonna take twenty minutes you know fifteen to twenty minutes before before your meals.
I am so that you can burn more of those calories it does not have any caffeine it does not have anything that’s going to raise your hearts because the hot pepper extract.
Month not of our products really have caffeine in.
So that’s put your second month support the second month you can get on greens.
Firefighters in their Moffett.
Greenspan take every morning and every afternoon.
You know firefighters you can keep it on you cursed because it and take it after you eat bad food face like it as needed supplement but if you have fats and carbs and every meal you know then you want to take the firefighters every time.
And the thermal said it’s going to be for calorie burning.
Now the third month that’s like the reward money.
That is when you’re gonna get when are awesome perhaps.
The ultimate body applicator because by then you should have lost some weight.
So you gonna need to tighten up that tummy or any area the sickly so you gonna get a box of wraps there’s no before raps in there.
You may use one rap on the areas that you want to time Turner from the mountains.
So a lot of ladies that do their tummies first or their thighs or their arms into any area that you don’t like about your body.
So you use one rap once a week.
For four weeks.
You gonna get use the defining gel not the defining gel is the same thing relation us what’s in their rap.
But in a smaller percentage so that you can use it daily you want use it on that like a body lotion I is this like a body lotion I love to use it in the back of my legs just because it really helps to reduce the amount of saline.
Times times of firms like to use it on this area you know just in the area of the body but this will be like a month supply.
So your rap once a week.
For use of the financial everyday.
And then with coolers you’re gonna have your greens.
So greens is very poor and this is the part of the internet for the whole three months ago I get angry.
And then what changes you know each month are the other supplements.
So basically that’s a three month challenge of course you want to drink a ton of water and I really recommend that you guys get on water and just who harder if you get bored of water.
You can always makes half in half like lemonade in water have would have orange juice and water by I really want you to say away from sodas.
You know try your best to stay away from alcohol like if you must go out and drink make sure that you have more water than alcohol.
Eat more fruits and vegetables you guys try to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet just pick the ones that you like the mouse and just eat more of that.
Liam you know proteins that girl chicken Turkey you know just the fish you know grilled fish just really good food gonna eat rise brown rise you know whole wheat pasta you norm.
Good things for your body.
I’m a because when a list of items that I eat that really has helped me to not only just keep my weight excellent through my pregnancy but also what they did in order to lose weight last year to shoot me an email and I can send you the list so you can go grocery shopping.
That way I’ll be easier for you to know what foods you should eat and you shook me things like that.
But we’re just going to focus on when you can’t eat that most.
Then you can take your supplements in the beauty of that you know we have the firefighters and the thermostat so we got you covered.
Thank you so much you guys if you want to get started on the three month program can you have any more questions up please give me a call at six one five five one two nine seven five six.
You can also text me at the time so I can call you back.

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