How to calculate the proportion of fat in your body 2018

Do you suffer from diet deprivation? Let me tell you one of the reasons why you can not lose weight despite dieting.

One of the most important reasons for your diet to know the nature of your body and the proportion of excess fat in it, the best way to follow the appropriate diet is to calculate the proportion of excess fat to evaluate the weight and measure the degree of obesity, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

How to calculate the proportion of fat in your body 2018

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The proportion of excess fat is calculated by a simple calculation based on weight and height, knowing that this method of calculation does not apply to children, pregnant women or nursing mothers, and does not include body components such as bone density or muscle mass or distribution.

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Our body needs healthy fats, which is no more than the normal rate and does not decrease, but how do we know whether our fat percentage is normal or above the normal level? The body fat percentage is calculated by means of a mathematical formula: age, height, weight,

(Body weight x 732) + 986.8

Measurement of waist circumference × 157.175

Measuring Buttocks × 249

And now collect the three results obtained from the previous calculation and combined with each other to get the percentage of muscle mass and then subtract the total body weight – the body mass muscle = the proportion of body fat.

10 – 12% essential fat

14-20% athletes

21 – 24% fitness

25 – 31% appropriate rate

+32% Obesity

After knowing the excess body fat percentage you can follow the proper diet for you to get the ideal body.

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