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How do you choose the right flooring for your home 2018

As you begin to finish your apartment, you may wonder about the best option for flooring with many different options, each with its pros and cons. The budget factor is also a factor to consider when choosing flooring. We will help you to identify the best choices for you. Different floors and their disadvantages.

How do you choose the right flooring for your home 2018

How do you choose the right flooring for your home 2018

1- Wood Flooring:

Of the most famous types of flooring, and characterized by elegance and warmth that give it to the place, and there are two types:

Parquet: It is made of natural wood or wood treated natural.

HDF: It is made of less expensive synthetic wood than parquet.

Its disadvantages are that they are affected by changes in temperature which may lead to cracking, and are affected by moisture and water, and need special care.

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2. Marble:

It has a great capacity for durability, and it is characterized by its versatility and colors, and for its high endurance is used in the entrances, columns and staircases.
It is very cold which makes it unsuitable for the bedrooms especially in the winter. It also absorbs the liquids that may fall on it by mistake and is affected by it. It may interact with some types of detergents, which requires special care, in addition to its high cost.

3- Granite:

It is very stiff, high temperature and can not be scratched or scratched.

4- Porcelain:

It is characterized by its resistance to ceramics, and is also easily cleaned and cared for, which is less expensive than previous types, but is more expensive than ceramics.

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5- Ceramics:

It is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and can be used in other rooms, easy to clean and there are many types and shapes, some of them resemble wood in shape and color.

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6. Vinyl:

It is easy to install and can be installed over any floor (for example, if you need to make a quick renovation with a limited budget or when you move into a rented apartment). It is also easy to clean and affordable compared to other floors.

7. Tiles:

It is made of white cement, quartz and sand, and is used more in outdoor areas. There is a trend to reuse it in houses with multiple colors and inscriptions to give the originality effect. It is less expensive and resistant to friction and moisture.

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