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What is correct behavior after eating a large amount of sweets?

If you are used to healthy eating and are committed to a balanced and nutritious diet, then a time when you are eating a large amount of sugar in its natural form or in the form of various sweets, how to regain control of your body? And what can be done to stop eating sweets in a sudden and sudden way to the point of addiction? In this article we provide you with clear steps to return to your balanced healthy lifestyle.

What is correct behavior after eating a large amount of sweets?

What is correct behavior after eating a large amount of sweets?

1. Know what goes on inside your body:

The moment you eat candy increases the level of dopamine in the body which is a hormone that has addictive properties and feel happy with him, while the pancreas at the same time a large amount of insulin to control the level of sugar in the blood, all affect the hormone satiety, “leptin” and become at levels So your mind gives you the green light to eat more sweets, and it will not stop at all in the end.

2. Eat protein and fiber:

After eating a large amount of sugar in its various forms it is useful to eat other foods rich in healthy nutrients, a tablespoon of peanut butter or a handful of nuts give the body fat and protein to slow the digestion that accelerated after high blood sugar, With green vegetables such as cucumbers, chickpeas and vegetables that contain a high percentage of fiber that helps slow the absorption of simple sugars, so protein and fiber are the key to stopping this addiction.

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3. Yoga Practice:

After all those who suffer from the sudden craving of sweets are asked to fall into this difficult cycle, 80% replied that they are trying to eat sweets when they feel stressed, stressed or stressed. Yoga and sports classes generally reduce tension and stress caused by work, .

4. Eat foods rich in probiotics:

A recent study from the University of Oregon in the United States of America that the harmful bacteria in the digestive tract feed on sugar and thus affect the functions of digestion in the body, so it is important when eating more sweets eat yogurt or cheese or strawberry milk to pump more probiotics “Good bacteria restore balance to the digestive system and you feel less willing to eat more sweets.
5. Prepare healthy meals in the refrigerator:

It is important to keep the fridge full of fast healthy healthy meals such as: low-sugar vegetables and fruits and eggs.

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The next day to eat a large amount of sugar should be breakfast is ideal, high protein and medium-fat and low-carb, this combination gives your body the opportunity to burn the calories from the previous day, and the protein and fat give you a sense of fullness for a long time today do not resort to meals Quick sugar-rich again.
6. Dispose of the remaining desserts:

The remaining high-sugar foods should be disposed of at home. In moments of weakness or tension, you are likely to eat them without thinking about what will eventually result.
Finally, sugar is one of the most dangerous foods to your health and dangerous to smoking and addiction, so do not be deterred by taking deterrent steps against it. However, you can not feel very guilty every time you eat a piece of candy. Balance is the solution without exaggeration. Neglecting.

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