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Download CyberFox 52 Free for PC 2018

Cyberfox is a browser of great browsers similar to the way Mozilla works. The browser supports Flash Player. It makes it easy for you to play videos from the Internet. The browser is fast and light. You can not open more than one page at the same time. The program depends on Mozilla Firefox, The program allows you to use all the Firefox tools and you can work as a favorite to put your favorite sites for easy access once again, the Saber Fox browser has a great degree of security while surfing the Internet protects your computer against viruses, malware and software O also keeps your personal data and bank theft.

Download CyberFox 52 Free for PC 2018

Download CyberFox 52 Free for PC 2018

You can play all the videos from the Internet smoothly and you can download everything you want from the Internet very quickly and uses the maximum of the Intel or AMD processor and the possibility of a personal file and depends on the browser interface on Mozilla Firefox and compatible with the updates launched by Mozriela and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of financial data And your banking during the financial transactions on the Internet and the speed of opening websites high speed and the latest update of the program supports the work of the list of deletion of the blacklist is a distinct navigation browser to surf the Internet at high speed and full support N Firefox.

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New in Cyberfox version 52
1. The default browser appears on Windows 10
2. Update the Japanese-language translation.
3. Move the desktop icon to the browser’s main task list.
4 – Improve the use of Java to surf sites at high speed.
5. Add and improve many languages.
6. Fully compatible with Firefox 50 browser.
7. Update the appearance of the notification bar
8. Update the appearance of notifications bar.
9. Does not support linux copies.

Information about Cyberfox software release
Developer: 8pecxstudios
The official website of the program
Software Size: 78.4 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: FREE
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Download Cyberfox Browser for free for PC from here – 32bit

Download Cyberfox Browser for free for PC from here – 64bit

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