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Download Fake Voice 2019 for all chat software

Most IM software have a “call” feature that allow several people take part in a voice talk. Voice chats could be very entertaining, but imagine if you will make them even more fun? Fake Speech – Words Changer is a software that changes your words by permitting you to change various words factors. It generally does not have many features, but that is clearly a positive thing if you take into account that it will not consume a great deal of system resources.


You won’t run into any difficult steps throughout the assembly procedure, therefore you don’t need to worry of ruining in some way. Just follow the instructions- usually it’s a subject of clicking another button. The procedure will finish in a minute, so show patience and do not cancel the unit installation halfway through. Sooner or later you will be asked whether you want to set up a tool software that is necessary for this program to work effectively, so go on and set it up. The setup package deal doesn’t contain any harmful software, nonetheless it the setup screen for Imitation Webcam will start sooner or later (another product from the same builder) so ensure that you cancel its set up when it starts.

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Download Fake Voice 2019 for all chat software

Download Fake Voice 2018 for all chat software


When you establish this program for the very first time you will notice the registration windows which requests a contact address. Enter your email to be able to activate this program and check out select the mike you want to utilize with it. For the time being, you’ll be redirected to a site requesting to like the product’s Facebook site which means that your certificate will be triggered, but this is only an attempt to assemble Facebook favors; your product is totally activated as soon as you type in your email.

The main windows is simple and does not have any complicated functions and features. The menu club has only 4 items (Document, License, Configurations and Help). The guts area of the window is put into two vertical parts; the departed one gives you to carefully turn on or off Words Changer, Automatic robot (result) and Echo (impact), whilst the right part enables you to alter a few configurations for every single of your options on the still left side (select someone to show its individual configurations). There’s a choice in the bottom which you can allow if you wish to listen to yourself while modifying the settings.

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The Words Changer option has 4 sliders that change the Pitch, Formant, Basic Pitch and Sound Threshold. Beneath the Foundation Pitch slider there’s a choice called “Diagnose Basic Pitch” which testing your tone and enables you to view your pitch and volume level while talking.

The Robot impact offers you a automatic robot words, and by simply clicking the grid you can transform the shade of the speech.

The Echo result offers echo to your tone of voice, and you will change its length and strength.


It’s an extremely unpredictable program that accidents often, and however there is no standard reason behind that; it happens arbitrarily. In addition, it generally does not have preset voices.

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