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Download TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter Driver 2018

Download TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter Driver 2018

Complies with IEEE 802.11n, they offer wireless increase to 150Mbps, which is effective for the web games or even video loading. Also, cordless security encryption could be set up simply at a press of QSS (Quick Set up Security) button, stopping the network from outdoors threats.

Download TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter Driver 2018

Download TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter Driver 2018


Cellular N -Acceleration & Range

Platform on the IEEE 802.11n technology, TL-WN722N shows more excellent skills of mitigating data reduction over long ranges and through road blocks in a tiny office or a huge apartment, even in a steel-and-concrete building. Weighed against legacy 54M products, TL-WN722N offers performance enhancements, letting you have a far more joyful browsing on experience, including showing files, watching loading media.

Clear Channel Evaluation (CCA) automatically avoids route conflicts which consists of clear route selection feature and totally realizes the features of route binding, greatly increased the cordless performance.

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Alternative Detachable High Gain Antenna

TL-WN722N offers 4dBi high gain exterior antenna that may be rotated and fine-tuned in various guidelines to match various procedure conditions, and may bring better performance than the inner antenna. For even more strenuous applications, the antenna can be substituted with diverse antennas showing even greater overall flexibility and wider cordless coverage.

WPS – One Button Security

TL-WN722N features WI-FI Covered Setup (WPS) which allows users to very quickly setup their security by just pressing the “WPS” button automatically building a WPA2 secure interconnection, which is better weighed against WEP encryptions. Not merely is this faster than normal security setups but far more convenient in that you don’t have to remember a security password!

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WPA / WPA2 Encryptions – Advanced Security

For the security of WI-FI interconnection, WEP encryption has been no more the best and safest guards for exterior intrusions. TL-WN722N provides WPA/WPA2 encryptions that are manufactured by the WI-FI Alliance industry group, promoting interpretabilities and security for WLAN.

TP-LINK TL-WN722N motorists download details

Software explanation: TP-LINK TL-WN722N individuals installation.
Driver version Glass windows: 21.14 MB | V2 | 2016-11.
Driver version Mac pc: 10.35 MB | V2 | 2016-11.
Driver version House windows: 7.03 MB | V1 | 2014-09.


Home windows 10 32 & 64 pieces.
House windows 8.1 32 & 64 parts.
Home windows 8 32 & 64 parts.
House windows 7 32 & 64 parts.
Glass windows Vista 32 & 64 pieces.
OR WINDOWS 7 32 & 64 pieces.

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