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Download Ventrilo 4.0.9 Voice over IP (VoIP) software 2018

Ventrilo is among the most popular Tone of voice over IP (VoIP) software program which allows real-time tone of voice chat for group communications, representing the industry standard currently.

Ventrilo supports surround sound positioning and extended customizing choices for sound effects (per consumer, per channel, per server or global), allowing users to define specifically how they would like to hear noises from any source.

Ventrilo’s strongest features will be the excellent sound quality, low CPU utilization and the simple user interface, which makes it suitable even for novice users and ideal for group communications (e.g.: gaming, business).

It’s been about a decade since the last main release of Ventrilo, therefore they were lengthy overdue for an revise. Although, not sure how to experience this really, the interface/theme program feels odd, I can’t look for a classic appearance setting like they promised, and I cannot locate their private server choice anymore – it appears like it may be hosting only.

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Download Ventrilo 4.0.9 Voice over IP (VoIP) software 2018

Download Ventrilo 4.0.9 Voice over IP (VoIP) software 2018

I’ve a thread open on the forum with some relevant queries, I’ll update this when We get answers to it.

Version 4.0 introduces more User control of features while maintaining the ease-of-use from earlier versions still, and also many new features. The brand new version includes the opportunity to switch the look-n-feel of your client windows via Themes, and the availability to transfer files to select Users also. Side-Control-Panels for quick one-click usage of most of the menu features. And break-out Primary/Channel windows.

By giving surround sound positioning and unique sound files on a per user, per channel, per server or global configuration level this program provides each consumer the choice to fully customize accurately how they would like to hear sounds from various other users or events.

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Ventrilo is most beneficial known for it’s first-class audio quality and minimal utilization of CPU resources in order not to hinder day to day procedures of the pc or during video game competitions. Additionally it is preferred for the easy interface that any first-time computer user can quickly find out because the mostly used features are instantly visible and may be activated with an individual click of the mouse.


Voice conversation with multiple people.
Cross channel communications.
Phantom users for hearing in on other channels.
User-to-user private conversations.
Individual channels that can dynamically be created.
Sub channels.
Muted channels.
Queued channels.
Channel transmit time limitations.
Channel client limits.
Channel feature filtering.
Password protected server channels and login.

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