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Download Waterfox 57 fast surfing and security for Internet users

WaterFox Browser for fast surfing and security for Internet users

Browser Waterfox of the fastest and best browsers have won the confidence of millions of computer users in a short time, all know the Firefox browser famous for outstanding performance The company produced several browsers, similar to the Firefox browser to have additional features and distinct from these browsers, It is characterized by high speed in opening all websites from sites of video and photos and social communication and others, Waterfox browser works on devices that have a 64-bit system, the browser updates itself automatically via Internet connection, the installation method is very easy and if there is a Bern Mg Firefox on the browser and Otervoks using the Firefox browser databases are automatically removed and can not be one of them without the other device.

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Download Waterfox 57 fast surfing and security for Internet users

Download Waterfox 57 fast surfing and security for Internet users

FoxFox lets you browse your favorite high-speed Web sites such as YouTube, vimeo and Netflix. The browser supports the C ++ translation language, making it faster than most popular browsers. The program has an educational tool to help you use it. The program saves your e-mail and the passwords you use. The browser provides a great deal of security while surfing the Internet. It prevents viruses, spyware and trojans from hacking the computer and making money transactions easy. With the help of e-shopping easily and completely without fear of stealing your information and financial data, the program helps you maintain your privacy where you can scan the effects of browsing to prevent hackers from tracking you, the program supports Windows XP 64-bit and 32-bit is a free and native browser to surf the Internet at high speed and full security And update your browser security.

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Information about the version of Waterfox for PC
Software version: Waterfox 56.0.4
Date of issue: February 2018
Developer: Waterfox
The official website of the program
Program size: 70.4 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: FREE
Category: Computer Software, Internet Browsers, Computer Programs 2018

Download from here

Download the Waterfox browser for the latest version of the navigation in the high-speed web browsing

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