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Download Wipe 2018 to accelerate and clean the PC

Download Wipe Program to Speed ​​Up and Remove Malware
Wipe is a powerful program that removes a lot of unwanted files and malware from your computer and restore a lot of hard drive space, which increases the speed of the device and the speed of surfing the Internet.

The program protects your privacy on the Internet, Browsing, such as history, cache, Internet cookies, and temporary Internet files, the program erases all browsing data regardless of browser type, whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc., to prevent the recovery of deleted data The program strong security methods, such as the way Gutmann and GOST Russian and others, you can erase all browsing sites once or erase some of the specific sites that you want to delete, you can remove all files, Recycle Bin which increases the storage space.

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Download Wipe 2018 to accelerate and clean the PC

Download Wipe 2018 to accelerate and clean the PC

Wipe is a powerful and fast solution to remove spyware and traces. Once installed, people automatically scan all computer files to get rid of spyware and malicious and malicious files. You can easily delete incoming e-mail files to increase the security of e-mail and speed up performance. The computer was recently updated to support the Yandex 16 browser and the latest Opera 48 browser and support work on the Google Chrome 61 browser and the latest Firefox 55 and fix the FromFile error which sometimes appears for some computers when the device starts.

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Information about the Wipe version of the computer

Developer: PrivacyRoot
The official website of the program
Software Size: 859 KB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Freeware
Category: PC acceleration programs

Download Free Web Program for PC Download Wipe 2018 – from here

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