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How do you eat food at night without increasing your weight?

Refraining from eating after 6 pm helps you lose a lot of your weight” is one of the most important tips that nutrition experts say to us, saying that eating in the evening causes weight gain.
The fact that this information is not accurate by 100 percent, eat food at night if it is in small quantities and calories needed by your body is not harmful at all.
But the real problem starts if you eat for entertainment or because of a psychological state that controls you, in this case your body gets more calories than it needs and therefore you are vulnerable to weight gain.

How do you eat food at night without increasing your weight?

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When does eating become a problem that causes weight gain?

Boredom or stress, and here you will get large amounts of food to increase your weight, so take care to eat a small amount and follow the tricks and habits that enable you to do so.
Eat foods that contain high calories, such as candy, cake and chips.
Eating high-calorie foods just before bedtime not only causes indigestion but also burns calories and increases weight.

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These are some foods that you can eat at night without increasing your weight:

A low-calorie fruit dish such as orange, guava, mandarin and others.
Dish of vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, watercress, carrots and tomatoes.
A large cup of yogurt.
Banana or two, and can be crushed with a glass of yogurt or yogurt.
Two brown toast slices with boiled egg or low-fat cheese slices and slices of cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes or carrots.
1 cup yogurt or yogurt with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal without sugar or 1 tablespoon of honey.
A small dish of fruit or vegetables with a small cup of yogurt.
A piece of grilled potatoes with a seasoning of yogurt, spices, parsley, green coriander or a piece of grilled potatoes.
A small dish of popcorn, with some very little oil used during its preparation.
A small plate of pulp or nuts, not roasted and unsalted, especially almonds and cashew nuts.
A large glass of fresh fruit juice without sugar.
1 cup warm yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.
A cup of hot chocolate with a little sugar added.

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Finally, remind my dear that eating at night if it is in limited quantities and needs your body is not harmful and will not cause your weight increase, but the behaviors and habits wrong at night eating is detrimental to your health and weight.

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