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Your guide to storing food in freezer

Life is shorter than spending most of our time in the kitchen, whether to prepare food or clean dishes. Many mothers prefer to prepare some foods and store them in the freezer, ready to cook directly to save time and effort in cooking.

But there are assets to save foods in the freezer, to preserve the nutritional value and color and smell, so scoopkey “steps to save food in the freezer correctly.

Your guide to storing food in freezer

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1. Soup:

You can save soups of different types in equal quantities, but prefer to use them within a month of storage.

Place the soup in the “cupcake” molds to divide it in equal quantities.
Save the templates to the freezer.
After freezing the soup, remove the molds in the food storage bags, while emptying the air thoroughly.

2. Cut vegetables:

Keep fresh vegetables for all seasons, for up to 14 months.

Wash the vegetables well and cut them according to your desire.
Put it in a vase of boiling water for several minutes to kill any bacteria.
Make sure to dry well before storing.
Divide them in the appropriate quantities for you in the bags to save food in the freezer with air discharge from them.

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3. Cheese:

Not all kinds of cheeses can be frozen. Creamy and cooked cheeses can not be saved in the freezer. Ice changes its texture and flavor, but hard cheese can be saved by following these steps.

Cut the cheese into very small pieces or slices, depending on your use after unpacking them.
Put the cheese in the food bag so that it is placed inside it, so that it is easy for you to take the pieces to be used later.
Press on the bag to empty the air as much as possible.
Keep it in the freezer and make sure to close it tightly.

4. Cooked chicken:

It is best to keep the chicken cooked in the form of small pieces, to ensure the quality of freezing and to retain its nutritional value.

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Cut the chicken into small slices.
Put it in a bag to keep food, and press it well to empty the air.
Slide the bag tightly and keep it in the freezer.
You can remove it and place it directly in the chicken soup, or add it to pasta with white sauce and stir well.

5. Cooked rice:

You can keep amounts of rice cooked in the freezer for up to four months, and easily dislodge when needed in an emergency.

Put the fire on the rice before it is five minutes long.
Let it cool completely without covering it.
Use Cuba to pack rice into bags for food.
Pour the bag well, making sure to empty the air, and keep it in the freezer.
When you unpack the rice, just put it in the microwave for three minutes, it will be fully cooked and ready.

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