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Do you know Why the foot of the dinosaur is small

Do you know Why the foot of the dinosaur is small

Hi this is Kate for a minute there paleontologists have long questioned why tyrannosaurids rex a giant killing machine with 9 inch long daggers for tea had such a puny are. We’re short arms particularly useful when grappling with praise are when Rexy was in mating mode that they provide just the right leverage when getting up after a nap maybe like some evolutionary trait from the geckos camouflage to the humans opposable thumb to the orchids deceiving shake perhaps those little landscape
Do you know Why the foot of the dinosaur is small
T. rex some real advantage. But it’s also quite possible that they didn’t. For one thing T. rex might have ended up with small arms simply because big or even normal sized arms where it disadvantage. Perhaps once
T. rexes ancestors got big enough they could hunt and eat with their giant jaws alone and that arms weren’t worth the energy they talk to haul around. But evolution can’t just pop out not so useful treats for completely new one. Instead over generations
T. rexes arms may have simply got smaller and smaller until there was no longer a significant cost to keep them out and they just stuck around a lot like a week humans ended up with there tiny Taleb. Another possibility is that evolution gave T. rex tiny arms simply by taking the same way again island lots and lots of red heads. In a relatively small isolated population a trait that doesn’t hurt or help an individual’s chances of surviving reproducing can just by the look of the drop come more and more prevalent from one generation to the next.
Possible that the size of T. rexes arms didn’t matter much either and all the dynasties happen and up a short arms. On the other hand weirdly small arms have also involved in other large
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