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How Korean girls looks 20 years younger than their real age

Guys it’s me you this and I’m back with another fun but very informative and interesting video up before we start please like this video because it.It’s a lot.Okay thinking that someone.Today I bought something very special.Some guys looking here.Now we have potboiler.And we have cheetah.Guess how old they are.They are both twenty seven years old.Thai anti antenna they are both twenty eight years old.And we have GP I looking to.Yeah GP as we how do you get upset and there’s thing saying same same kind.

And they are twenty nine years old and we have one beat and yachts site and they’re both forty years old so what did you next thing.I mean they’re the same age but why do they look so different at all is because of aging.And it is so important to start anti aging if you don’t do or if you do you anti aging you can look ten years younger or you can look ten years older so if you’re curious about the process and changes that is happening currently two years again this the tunes and because we have very very informative things for you today okay.

And we will be introducing three it must know IBM stock is not able to stop eighteen but that will definitely help to delay and slow down these apartments.To understand the process of teaching first need to understand the structure of the skin and the gas it’s very many complicating however it so interesting and it’s very informative so once you get to know what it is that it will be a piece of cake so please give us your undivided attention.

How Korean girls looks 20 years younger than their real age

How Korean girls looks 20 years younger than their real age

While the skin is comprised of many earlier.We can divide them into epidermis and dermis.At bitterness.The epidermis contains skin cells Milan in protein and other functions to.Tech the skin and maintain moisture level thermos.Blood vessels nerves.Hair follicles.Sebaceous glands.And other important apparatus are present.Delivers nutrients to the epidermis.And motions to maintain the skin’s health as elasticity.

The dermis determines the skin’s aging.The dermis makes up ninety percent of the skit.And it’s twenty eight to forty times the thickness of the epidermis.It’s largely comprised of Tyler on the gas state colleges elastin which are brought together by strong tissue that doesn’t easily get damaged by external stress.

So it plays an important role in the last the city and moisture levels off the skin bought as we get older various factors lead to deterioration of collagen and elastin within our Germans.I think it’s your eight it loses the lastest.Causing the formation of wrinkles and other signs of each.

All this happens as early as when you’re eighteen years old or leader on the can happen when your.Then what factors because each scene and there’s.The cause of aging is partly divided into Kyushu’s parts into extreme jet engine and then strange in strategic aging occurs regardless of external factors.

Once you’re over twenty five the rate of exterior shot of college becomes faster than the rate that it is pretty.The amount of calls in that is produced in the teens is said to be a hundred have in her mid twenties it is set to be.Seventy five in your forties and if the two thirty five which makes Egypt faster as you get older in addition bought natural EGP that is present in your body starts to reduce starting in her mid twenties.

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Making the production of hyaluronic acid last ten fibronectin culture and other components responsible for the radius and elasticity of the skin slower second extricating starts with UV rays or cigarettes and other environmental factors.UV rays damage to skeins of college and last ten causing our skin to start cycling prolonged exposure of the sun’s rays really because you know signs of aging and sprinkles of care much faster.

Long term exposure to UVB rays can cause burn damage to epidermis and even Germans.Causing pigmentation or coloration two threes after you the Airways penetrates into the thermos and not only damage skin stem cells each other but also the spins collagen elastin and fibronectin.So thirty minutes after the exposure immediate pick them teach and savage of the thermal saw.

And components lead to each.Let me turn to exhibit three items that will protect your skin from external stress repair damage as a result of aging and regenerate.So the first product as you guys are all excited is clearest midnight blue if you thought the beating job and this repairs UV eight damage deep in your tournaments.To fight aging so it is really great for the last the city of respect and also for.So this quickly absorbed into the tournaments not if lacking collagen replenishes its store of college and then also helps to produce collagen it’s very effective all in helping with.

Fine lines and wrinkles on your face a specialized form in your twenties.It has two different types of peptides which allows it to be very effective for the wrinkles in your thirties and forties all.So the first component is each year as and this really helps on the outer surface of your skin it’s really effective for those wrinkles on has been formed on in the mid twenties are in your twenties up to her thirties it really helps with skin regeneration.

So each chapter is actually present in your body but after you know in your mid twenties.Starts deteriorating really really rapid.Replenishing the skins ichib what skincare regulates the skins turnover cycle to not only weeks skin regeneration much faster and strengthen the skin’s outer barrier it also makes the skin plump and quickly improves skin’s byline the second component is called the F. chi at and this works deep deep within your skin until the Germans player.

It not only cares for skin damage that has been caused by UV injuries promotes the production of collagen hyaluronic acid fibronectin and other bodily component that we’re diminished by UV that.

And improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.It also improves moisture level and radiance levels of the skin and has a great effect on the T. also star form on in your mid thirties and saw the third component is called Watson leaking and I love love love this ingredient it really helps too on strain then skins protective barrier it also helps to calm heat irritation that has been caused by UV dot.

And also really is great for me generations.Plus there are other creating greedy and such last blueberry extracts would just excellent ingredient for anti aging adenosine which is really helpful to improve wrinkles and fine lines.This part of the self is formulated with high concentrate on each other and they can give visible results in two to three weeks if you use it sailing for those in your twenties to thirties.

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On clean fully skin apply the blue jump to the forehead under the eyes and smile lines using your hands.A plant extra dropped the under eye area with dark circles and creases smile lines and other areas of concern.Alright so the next one is Clarice midnight blue calming cream and this will help to recover at the Germans that has been damaged by the unique.

So during this time we get some runs a lot because getting really hot and we’re going to the beach.Just a lot however he don’t care for your skin right now than your dynamics of bitterness cap performance function to protect their skin making the skin more acne prone and promoting faster each.

This also contains because you lean and so tell us yet got those ingredients which are read to restore and regenerate there’s.And this is really wonderful to put on after a slight sunburn because it helps to cool the heat that has been caused by the UV damage.

And surprisingly this also ingredient is in burn ointment so after you get a slight burn I think this is really the goal to Cuba you really want to reach far and also was a leak it’s been proven by clinical trials that it is great for XML and some.

Centel Lafayette to cut extract is also an ingredient that is balance in by the concert which is a really really famous women in Korea now we put on right after we get a little caught or a little score it promotes self growth and it really helps to consciously she’ll our skin of rapidly.

The crease and the ceramide between the stratum corneum.Causes a stratum corneum to flow which easily causes loss of moisture resulting in the collapse of.So this contains ceramide which moisturizes the skin to prevent damage and help to strengthen the skins protect.Very its cooling properties once you put it on quickly helps to calm and soothe her skated he gets.

Actor if the skin care routine after apply a small amount with a thick layer two areas in need.So this is a third item this is a sun block that protects both UV A. and UV B. rays and even.It’s Clarice meant the blues some lotion.It really helps to lower the temperature of the skin really targeting the direct causes of each.It’s formulated with mild plant based on greed.And this also contains budget lean which we’ve mentioned many times and I’ve been in the blue creek also to really help too soon and calm very tedious.

And this is ESCAP RTMP plus plus which makes it perfect for tea leaves.And it has a total property so once you put it on it gives you a slight tone freighter it’s hatred you formula also works as a makeup base so I like putting it on Catholic.Micah primer it really evens out the texture of my skin and promotes better application and you can really feel that it hopes to last a week up a little bit longer.

After applying cream apply a generous amongst the whole face.Behind the ears and the net apply at least fifteen minutes before you the exposure.Reapply every two hours or as needed when doing after activities for more active UV protection.


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