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The secrets of girls at the age of twenty will really shock you

The secrets of girls at the age of twenty will really shock you


Hello there and welcome come welcome back or welcome with your new my name is Lindsay marine safety is going to be a little different than usual I mean I’ve got different probably feels a kind of different.

US anything using the twenty one to twenty or twenty one things that I think every twenty something year old needs to know now I just turned twenty four also real quick make sure to stay tuned to the end for a little bit of an announcement and does go hand in that sort of Michigan it a thumbs up if you don’t mind as well.

Please do not solve your problems that is something that is so hard to learn I don’t know why it took me so long but boys are never going to be the answer I he jumped in and out of relationships for so long a search for relationships I beg for boys I want him to feel the same way about me as I thought I felt about them to learn right to love myself the way I wanted a guy to Love Me.

For myself to ever really be loved by someone else for me to know my worth and find the right kind of guy you have to love you first go out of your way to make friends because we all want friendships I remember when I started college all the time I’d see girls like you know hanging out I did really have friends in college no the guard devoid of would be my friend Olimpo we don’t talk to me but they probably do most of us one new friend mort friendships and want to meet new people and talk to people in communication so if you want to make friends with people make friends first you have to wait for someone to be.

Come up to you or talk to you we are all just as nervous on insider all scared about these kind of things and we shouldn’t be we should always want to be friends with everyone it’s completely and one hundred percent totally acceptable to dance are living around in your underwear it is like the key to life to have fun isn’t it.

It is also completely acceptable to have days where you just wanna order take out.

In Ben Johnson TV show all day I have had those days I still have those days I used to think it was bad to have those days I wasn’t allowed them we are allowed them life is hard let yourself do things you wanna DO it is absolutely okay to cry for no reason at all most likely there is a reason most likely there’s lots of reasons are probably like picked up all these motions and aging skin stress and worry that we bring on ourselves it’s okay to let our eyes to think I was weak and I cry but I realize that it’s not I’m not weak you’re not weak we are not we clear strong life is tough.

In some parts of crying really six is your problems I’m not saying you should try and cry but if you need to cry girl let it out it is not your fault if someone is mean to you or doesn’t like you it’s their fault if their problem so don’t you worry about is not your best not even your issue next is to wind up by this use but also learn to save your money because you deserve to buy this user things you want but you also gotta realize.

It’s time irresponsible and also start to save for the important things in life next it is even take that you want to eat but also you Cervantes so we can talk well actually what I’m trying to tell you is learn to balance things clean out when ever you can if you can clean out old clothes old shoes all make up old John for your junk drawer isn’t due at cleaning out gets rid of the bad mode you know in bad juju in this bad feelings about bias in.

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It just feels so good and you’ll feel so good is clean up all the things they don’t bring you happiness also let go in your baggage it is never going to benefit you or anyone else to hold on to all the bad things that have happened or all those crappy things that happen to the although to cry.

I used to lean on to my bad experiences as a Christ like although I can’t do this because this happened to me is that you know when I was younger that is bull crap is bull crap and we all know it we we can be in a great relationship we can make friends if we can’t trust people we can love we can do so many great things does it matter what happened to it does matter first off know your feelings are valid they are valid but you gotta let them go you gotta forgive you gotta forget and you gotta move on working itself grow yourself because you should always be blooming in growing and better yourself.

But also give yourself grace because nobody yourself is right we should be and adult striving to it you don’t have to strive to be perfect over perfection yourself grace and know that you are doing what you can you are doing your best.

While you continue to grow yourself and give yourself just a little bit of room a little bit of a Pat on the back every now and then business seems a little maybe I hope not.

Your values and your thoughts are never are never excuse to be mean to anyone else never because just because you are going to think something and that someone else is going to think something different doesn’t mean you have a right to be mean to them the little someone we have no right we were never given the right to be needed people to put people down to make them feel more likely not worthy because we have different values opinions beliefs.

The last.

We are all different we are all suppose to be different and there is so much beauty indifference and uniqueness and the difference of life we should all be okay it to which all feel allow to be ourselves and be proud of ourselves and be confident we should always be kind to each other for no matter what because.

Difference is beautiful uniqueness is beautiful kindness is beautiful in kindness is free the next one dress how you want to dress.

Where would you know where do what you want to do with the old ladies stared you and give you mean looks at the grocery store.

Let off let them it is your time to live how you wanna live and where would you want to wear who just do what you want I’ve wispy too much time I literally used to change my other someone Darling I.

Well did appropriate or violent you know stupid adolescent where this ever again because economy out there no girl dress how you would address rocket it it is okay it’s not like something it is okay to figure out what you like and don’t like I don’t like wine I don’t really like outgoing alcohol but I still like to go out and dance cookbook is like I got a good to go out with my friends because they would drink and I don’t really like drinking I get hangovers with like one drink one drink about little if you can the next day so I really like him go out and I can do is my friends and not drink and they can drink it.

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You get your allowance not like things.

And you’re allowed to still little and did not like them proudly make time for your family make time for your family or your mom or dad and brothers and sisters or grandparents because they’re not always going to be here we’re always going to be here and I had to learn this one to like I moved from Georgia to California in in the in the last two years I’ve seen my family twice.

One Christmas and that’s it so are you to make sure you make that time for them I have to make sure like even if I think I’m too busy for a phone call I’m not make the time to call them and visit them Mongolia brothers football games and do those things and you can whatever you can to those those things that matter which leads to my next Monday night is getting your priorities in order know what matters the most to you even if you to write a list know about is the most what matters the least my friend is used to be so wrong I used to be you know.

Making sure like to me making she making sure it was getting views on you too making sure someone was anatomy and then it would be you know my early in relationships in friends and family know it’s got to be loving yourself your friends your family relationships it is absolutely okay to not have everything figured out I do not have everything figured out you know there is beauty and the journey of life not in just where you need to be so trust your process trust your journey trusting your past because it’s already okay and it’s okay to not know every single answer and everything you think you need to know right now next one is comparisons socks.

It sucks that it is never going to help you is never gonna help anyone or any situation you gotta stop thinking just because someone else is so maybe farther than you think that you are to far enough because you have to idolize yourself the way you are like other people or you’re never going to love yourself we need to love yourself they got well you had what you’re doing you’ll notice of those things will start to flourish and become so much better and so much more what you want will be there when you focus on what you have and I was so what someone.


else has the next one is taking your own advice and obviously I mean this to myself as well if you find that you’re always telling your friends who love themselves and don’t settle in you know to put themselves first and go after their goals wholeheartedly maybe you should also think am I doing those things they said often and the teacher teaches what they need to learn and I really believe.

I teach all these things about love and passion incredulous but I also have to remember to remind myself to do those things as well class that leases live it up when I told someone that where truck from even someone in there also twenty four there early alright I still.

Larry.To all of them were getting older like.What.You are as young as you feel limit of this is.

Trying to do what you want live your life and do what you want to do go ask your goals don’t settle love yourself above others to be happy.

Because a lot because I super fast.

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