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Simple tricks to lose your weight without dieting 2018

Many of us can not commit to food diets and feel bored of them due to their previous status and even more eagerly to eat, but what do you think that you lose weight without committing yourself to a strict diet, Supermama offers you some simple tricks that will help you lose weight without Feeling deprived.

Simple tricks to lose your weight without dieting 2018

What is correct behavior after eating a large amount of sweets?

1. Dish size and mode of food:

Choose foods that will make the food look like a lot more than the truth. It will give you a feeling of fullness because the eye will eat first, but at the same time you will feel fuller than the food, so distribute the food in the whole dish until you feel as if the dish is full. Fully.

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2. Small cups:

It also applies to drinks, depending on the small cups in the intake of juices and other beverages added to sugar, helps reduce the intake of more sugars and thus helps in weight loss.

3. Quality of food:

Always try replacing high calorie foods with healthy, non-calorie foods and whole-fat foods with low-fat or low-fat foods. You can also substitute sauces for different spice foods, salt, oil, and vinegar and lemon.

4. Division of meals:

Do not deprive yourself of eating all kinds of food with your family, but divide your meals 5 times a day in small amounts, so the stomach will return to the small amounts and lose weight without deprivation.

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5. Drink water:

Studies have shown that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the best way to lose weight fast. It promotes metabolism and works to remove toxins from the body, so always drink water until you feel full.

6. Avoid Nightingale:

The biggest enemy of weight loss, as many studies have shown that sleep increases the level of hunger hormone and reduces the level of satiety in the body, so you must get enough sleep during the night, to avoid eating late at night.

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