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Slimming drugs threaten your life .. Beware of them

Get rid of your excess weight in a few weeks .. Get a perfect body using these pills .. Goodbye to the excess weight” All the words of advertising written on the packs of various slimming drugs, which you have the dream of access to the ideal weight in a short time, but unfortunately most of the slimming drugs put up In the markets contain effective substances that harm your health, and even lead to death.

In January 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had detected large quantities of slimming drugs and drugs circulating over the Internet, asserting that they had serious risks to the health of those who were taking them, starting with blood pressure problems and ending with death .

Slimming drugs threaten your life .. Beware of them

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In 2010, all capsules containing the active ingredient Cepotramine were withdrawn from the US market. However, our local market continues to trade these drugs, which are based on a dangerous substance called cypotramine, to be discussed in the following lines. It is written on packages that are advertised on the social networks, but also in the public pharmacies still depends on the marketing of the phrase “100% natural herbs.”

Advantages and disadvantages of slimming pills

Sibutramine is the active ingredient in the manufacture of slimming drugs under the brand name Meridia or Redact. This substance works to affect dopamine receptors within the central nervous system in and outside the human body, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger.

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All drugs and drugs that are dependent on this active ingredient have been banned from markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and India following a medical report by a panel of experts and specialists on the serious medical impact on the circulatory system.
How does cytotramine work in the body?

Sibutramine works through its inhibitory effect to re-absorb neurotransmitters. Which reduces the absorption rate of some substances in the body, such as dopamine, a substance that reacts in the body to affect behaviors, including attention, and Norepinephrine, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland and its secretion to excite neurons, especially associated with the work of soft muscles, As well as serotonin, the substance responsible for feeling happy.

Which increases the amount of neurotransmitters within and outside the central nervous system. Sibutramine reduces the sense of hunger in the steroids and the sense of satiety through its indirect effect on the sympithic stimulus, and slightly increases the rate of metabolism within the human body.

What is the effect of cytotramine on your body?

Sibutramine has adverse effects that cause death, especially for patients with heart disease, and those under the age of 18, because of the side effects that cause a severe drop in blood circulation.
What are the symptoms that appear when you take slimming drugs?

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Slimming drugs contain many effective substances prevented by the World Health Organization, and warned of circulation in the market, but the substance is the most active substances that enter the composition of slimming drugs in Egypt and the Arab world, and when these pills begin to affect the neurons in the brain and show Some symptoms, including:

Disorder in limbs and impaired ability to control.
Low blood sugar for diabetics.
Feeling dizzy.
Dry mouth.
Persistent tension and excessive nervousness.

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Not all of these symptoms need to appear, but some may or may not appear, but these pills, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cause a severe drop in blood circulation leading to death.

So be aware that getting a perfect weight and a lean body is a worthwhile goal, but without using what is harmful to your health, so follow one of the appropriate diet for your body and your health under the supervision of your doctor, and keep exercise, so spend more time to get good results better Much of the use of these pills and drugs to get faster results may harm your health and your exposure to the risks you are indispensable.

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