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Steps to lose 11 kg of weight in 30 days

What disturbs us most, and we lose our confidence in ourselves is that extra weight we can not get rid of, but it takes you a real pause with the self and insist on continuing to reach the goal.

scoopkey.com shows you the story of an American lady who was able to lose 11 kg a month and not regain it again, despite her long suffering with obesity.

This diet is called “30 day diet” because it depends on you having a 30-day health system, which makes your stomach get used to it and changes your eating style.

She changed her eating pattern and succeeded in losing weight but without boredom or deprivation or hunger, because this system does not impose certain foods, but it is a diverse and rich system of delicious foods.

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This system depends on eating meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, olive oil, nuts, some fruit and fruit juices without sugar or butter, but it prevents eating all processed foods or fast food, sugar and its derivatives, legumes, caffeine products and rice.

This lady says that in the first week you will feel a little tired and you are missing sugars, but by the beginning of the seventh day you will feel that you have become accustomed to the system and that your desire to eat junk food has decreased, and with the passage of days of the month you will notice that your measurement of clothing varies, End of month and the result will surprise you.

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Follow these steps:

Do not exercise during the day or walk.
Drink at least two liters of water.
Share one of your friends to follow the system, because participation in such systems motivates to continue and achieve the desired goal.
Avoid diet drinks, because they affect dieting.
Grow early, because sleep reduces the levels of burning.
Eat slowly to feel fuller faster.
Eat in a small dish with a small spoon or fork.

Weight loss without dieting

Finally, are you now ready for this challenge? Start the 30-day diet from now, share your experience and your result.

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