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Ways to get rid of flabby belly 2018

The accumulation of fat around the abdominal area, “rumen” even if it is small, the most concerned women, especially in the summer, and there are many reasons that lead to the emergence of rumen, so we will explain in this article the reasons for emergence of rashes and ways to get rid of it and restore your attractive:
First: Causes of appearance of the rumen:

Eating before the immortality of sleep directly is one of the most common causes of the emergence of rumen, it is necessary to move after eating.
Do not exercise continuously, such as walking, running, swimming, or otherwise.

Ways to get rid of flabby belly 2018

Ways to get rid of flabby belly 2018

Bending the back while sitting for long periods, which causes the expansion of the abdominal muscles and the appearance of the rumen.
Excess salt in food is one of the reasons for the appearance of rumen also, because it prevents the body from getting rid of the fluid accumulated inside it, increasing the size of the abdomen.
Eating large amounts of fat in fast food increases the weight quickly, especially in the abdominal area.
Poor meal regulation, focus on one meal all day, and neglect of other meals such as breakfast.
Drink plenty of soft drinks in a way that makes you get rid of water, especially in the summer, as well as these drinks contain high calories cause the appearance of rumen and increase body weight in general.

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Second: Methods of disposal of rumen:

Reduce carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, potatoes and rice.
Eat parsley frequently by adding a large amount of parsley to the salad plate, as it helps to get rid of the rumen.
Avoid as much as possible the consumption of sugars and sweets, they contribute significantly to the accumulation of fat on the stomach, and thus lead to the appearance of rumen.
Drink cinnamon and use it in food, because cinnamon has a great ability to burn fat accumulated in the abdomen.
Eat a cup of yoghurt with half a lemon at dinner. It contains useful yeast that reduces bloating, abdominal bloating and helps digestion.
Drink lemonade and cumin daily in the morning on a saliva. Spoon a tablespoon of cumin with lemon slices in boiling water, leave the mixture overnight and eat it.

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